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Fitness Pressure Mat With Sensor

Thanks to the application of new technologies and IoT in the field of sports the possibilities to enhance performance are almost endless. Sensing Mat Platform can collect personalized data on the user’s specific movements and positions to help you understand areas of improvement or avoid potential injuries. The platform can be also applied to develop exergaming applications for professional or amateur training as well as mass market products to simply have fun.

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About the product

The Sensor Medical Mat Platform has already been used to develop smart sports solutions to collect data about: impacts counting, the centre of balance, movement patterns or postural alignment among many others.


The Technology

Using the latest technology in body pressure mapping our fitness pressure mats come with advanced sensors. Data is collected from the sensors built within the mat and can give insights into a user’s movements and positions. This information can then be used to determine if a player has any areas of improvement or how they could avoid potential future injuries.

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pressure mat with sensor


Sensory Specifications

Technology Piezoresistive
Pressure Range xx
Grid Size xx
Sensing Points xx
Total Sensing Area xx
Scan Speed xx
Spatial Resolution xx
Thickness xx
Accuracy xx
Transmission Range xx
Transmission Mode xx
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