We are continually moving forward at Body Pressure Mapping and expanding our business into more and more countries across the world. As our innovative products become more popular worldwide, a greater number of people in many different nations are benefitting from our expertise. In our latest international venture, we have appointed a distributor for our range in the Republic of Ireland.

What is Body Pressure Mapping?

There are many, many applications for a body pressure mapping system. Here is a selection that demonstrates the breadth of uses for our technology.


Our range of medical body pressure mapping products allows health professionals to perform tasks such as: • screening for the presence of pressure ulcers; • identify pressure in high-risk areas of the body; • perform pre and post-surgery evaluations; • Scientifically select the correct pressure relieving solution. They can be used in many different scenarios, such as mattresses, wheelchair seat pads and fall mats. The medical sector is one of our core business areas, and our technology has benefitted a great number of people.


We also produce products for the equestrian market such as our BPM Equine EQ01 system. It is a 45cm sensor pad that fits under a saddle and helps a horse’s rider to correct their posture as they are riding. It also passes pressure data relating to the horse back to the rider if there are any signs of pressure that could be a cause for concern over the animal’s welfare. The waterproof system connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or another device, or alternatively with a USB cable.


Body Pressure Mapping technology has proven particularly useful in the field of sports science, which is exemplified by our fitness mat. Pressure data is exported from the mat over a USB connection in standard CSV format. This means that the resulting data files can be opened with a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel, our supplied demonstration software, or indeed almost any other program that can open this common format. As well as providing the mat itself, which is fitted with a matrix of sensors, we also offer a full software development kit and the technical support you will need to integrate it into any number of applications. The only limit is your imagination, as we work with you to develop an integrated pressure mapping solution that links software and hardware in perfect harmony.

Other applications

There are, of course, many, many more uses for a pressure mapping system: for example, our systems are now being used for people counting. If you need to count the footfall in a retail environment, or people passing through an event space, exhibition or show – or indeed anywhere else – then one of our pressure sensing solutions makes it simple. Using software, data from an array of pressure sensors can be passed to a computer or mobile device and give you instant access to real-time information. What’s more, you can establish additional data by using multiple mats to better understand the flow of people.

An Example Of Body Pressure Mapping Success

Here is a recent example of some of the success our Irish distributor’s have experienced thanks to our fantastic products. The patient in question had been suffering with sores for the past eight years, with no success in anyone diagnosing the cause of the issue. Within just one hour of assessment, using high tech body pressure mapping equipment, the OT could see that the patient was being supported on the wrong side. Below you can see the pressure ‘before’, with high amounts of pressure seen in the darker patches of colour. In the following images, you can see the difference when the patient was provided with a different cushion. The right support is vital and the difference is clear to see, with no high pressure. This is just one example of the many ways in which our products can make a huge impact on the lives of a variety of people.

Body Pressure Mapping

We think you will agree that it is great news that our company is continuing to grow and expand into new territories around the world. Our continued growth means that more people than ever have access to our products – whether it be to improve their health, assist them with equestrian activities, manage sports performance or perform other activities such as people counting. The possibilities are almost endless when pressure mapping systems are combined with bespoke software solutions. As we deal with more industry sectors, we gain even more experience that helps us to help you to develop ever more new applications for our innovative pressure mapping technology. You can rely on BPM for all of your pressure mapping needs, and we will continue to develop our business and improve our product range to solve problems and make our customers’ lives easier. To find out more about Body Pressure Mapping and how our systems and services may be of use to your business, why not get in touch with us today? Give us a call on 07307 728 787 for more information.