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Standard Seating Pad

Real-time Tactile Pressure Analysis

The BPM Seating Pad S-256 system is the most user-friendly and affordable technology solution for evaluating pressure distribution and magnitude between a person and a seating surface. Chair design, wheelchair fitting and ulcer prevention are common applications.

About the product

The BPM Seating Pad S-256 Sensor System delivers real-time surface pressure distribution between a person and their seating surface. Bringing human factors engineering to a new level, the BPM Seating Pad is capable of characterizing pressure magnitude of the seat surface, back and head rest simultaneously. The BPM Seating Pad then assimilates the data collected into our powerful Windows based software providing you with everything from pressure maps to detailed statistical analysis. In the design of seating surfaces, position, density and conformity of materials is critical. The BPM Seating Pad not only significantly reduces the number of test iterations required, but is a revolutionary design aid towards the quest of ergonomic fit.Sensor Medical works closely with each individual client to tailor a system for your particular needs.

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The Technology

The BPM Seating Pad is matrix based tactile surface sensor that works by the principle of piezoresistance. Tiny sensing cells cover the entire surface area of our sensor ‘skin’ allowing for discrete spot pressure analysis at any point in the contact region. Sensor Medical’s primary position is to offer our clients precisely what they require or need. To that and everything we design can be completely tailored to your unique situation.

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Sensory Specifications

Technology Piezoresistive
Pressure Range 0 - 5 PSI (0 - 0.35 kg/cm2)
Grid Size 16 x 16
Sensing Points 256
Total Sensing Area 12.2” x 12.2” 31 mm x 31 mm)
Scan Speed up to 25 Hertz
Spatial Resolution From 76 in.(1.9 cm) and finer
Thickness .05 inc (1.6 mm)
Accuracy ± 10%
Transmission Range 32′ (9.8 meters)
Transmission Mode Bluetooth
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