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Standard Mattress Sensory System

What is Body Pressure Mapping?

The BPM Body Mapping Mattress Pad is designed to measure pressure distribution and magnitude between the body and a mattress or any other contacting surface. Pressure is a key consideration for any product that requires prolonged body contact. Our BPM system is the most economical, scientific and user-friendly system for surface pressure mapping available today.

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How is it used?

  • Research & Development
  • Product design optimization
  • Comfort level testing
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Retail Applications


Key Benefits

  • Evaluate the comfort and design of mattresses with full body pressure mapping
  • Perform comparative testing between different mattress system materials.
  • Record measurements across the entire body simultaneously
  • Visualize in real-time scenarios with body shifting into different positions
  • Use scientific data to validate comfort assumptions.
  • Use data in marketing material to communicate product benefits
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BPM Technology

BPM is matrix based tactile surface sensor that works by the principle of piezoresistance. Tiny sensing cells cover the entire surface area of our sensor “skin” allowing for discrete spot pressure analysis at any point in the contact region.

BPM captures data from a series of sensor points propagated across the body surface and assimilates the data into our software providing you with colorized pressure maps and detailed statistical reports.

Sensor Medical’s primary proposition is to o er our clients precisely what they require or need. To that end, everything we design can be completely tailored to your unique situation.

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Key BPM Features

  • Highly conformable
  • True calibration. NIST traceable.
  • No cumbersome external electronics. They’re safely built into the sensor.
  • No training required. Hit the ground running.
  • Durability like no other sensor.
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Sensory Specifications

Technology Piezoresistive
Wireless 30 ft (9.14 m) range
Pressure Range 0 – 6.7 PSI (5-350 mmHg)
Grid Matrix Up to 48 x 24 lines
Sensing Points Up to 1,152
Sensing Point Size .9” diameter (22.6 mm)
Total Area 79” x 44” (200 cm x 112 cm)
Total Sensing Area 71” x 35” (180 cm x 90 cm)
Temperature Range 10° C – 40° C
Thickness 1.52 mm
Accuracy ± 10%
Repeatability < 8%
Hysteresis ± 12%
Linearity Yes Conductance vs Pressure (2 curve)
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